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  • Its skin Prestige BN Cream EX
    by tamtam123 2017-03-17 * Age group : 20s | Skin tone : yellow base | Nationality : U.S.A. | Skin type : Normal skin  | Skin troubles : Dull skin, Damaged skin, Aging s.. More Used a sample, pretty good This cream has excellent moisturizing properties. I used this sample for several nights. It is very light and easy to apply on your face. I would buy the full size of this product if it was a bit cheaper though. I feel like there are many other products that can offer the same hydrating moisturizer with a fraction of the cost.
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  • SKINFOOD mushroom multi care BB Cream SPF20 PA+
    by tamtam123 2017-02-25 * Age group : 20s | Nationality : U.S.A. Pretty decent This BB cream is decent. Medium coverage and turns semi-matte afterwards. I used the sample for this and I like it. I will purchase a full size.
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  • It's skin POWER 10 FORMULA CO EFFECTOR (Tension)
    by tamtam123 2016-07-14 * Age group : 20s | Nationality : U.S.A. [Used sample] Hydrating This serum is clear and a bit thick. Doesn't really have a smell. Very hydrating for the summer and winter. Fast absorbing. Recommend.
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  • Peripera Watery Face Pride Up Cushion Pact (SPF50+・PA+++)
    by tamtam123 2015-10-28 * Age group : 20s | Nationality : U.S.A. [Used actually] Peach Beige Bought this in peach beige. True to the color above. This product can be a bit cakey and dry for my skin type (normal/dry skin). So if you are planning on using it, make sure to hydrate your skin first. I like the fact that it has SPF 50. I find this to be light coverage, but you can get it to medium coverage by layering the product again and again. Overall, it's not a bad product, but I'm not sure if I will buy it again.
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  • Jaminkyung Crema Caracol Cream Intensive Cream (Eye&Spot)
    by tamtam123 2015-10-28 * Age group : 20s | Nationality : U.S.A. [Used actually] Excellent Moisturizer This is an excellent moisturizer. Very hydrating. Been using this for over a month and my skin is very hydrated and smooth. No breakouts. Will definitely repurchase. In terms of the brightening effect, I haven't seen it yet but will continue to use this hydrating moisturizer.
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