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  • Missha Ice Sorbet Sheet Mask [Cooling Brightening] 1ea
    by vicki11 2017-05-17 * Age group : 20s | Nationality : Canada Good Perfect for use when my face is puffy. This helps my skin sooth and cool down and helps depuff my skin. The brightening effect is not apparent with one use. I love the packaging of this mask too.
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  • BBIA Last Lipstick [Velvet Mat]
    by vicki11 2017-02-15 * Age group : 20s | Nationality : Canada good this lipstick is great value. It is super affordable. The packaging is really pretty. The texture is creamy and moisturizing but the finish is matte. It doesn't emphasize fine lines on my lips and makes them smooth and soft. I really like the colours in this range but i wish they had a wider selection. I hope to buy more.
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  • THE FACE SHOP Snow White Brightening Face Mask (Disney edition)
    by vicki11 2017-02-11 * Age group : 20s | Nationality : Canada cute I am a huge fan of Disney princess and i love face masks so i had to have this product. It is the regular face shop mask formula but with special Disney packaging is super super cute and pretty. I think this mask is great for collecting but is a little more pricy than regular face mask.
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  • BRTC Blue Phyto Complex Gold Foil Mask 2 STEP (30g*5ea)
    by vicki11 2017-02-11 * Age group : 20s | Nationality : Canada nice this mask is really cool and fancy. It is foil material not normal mask fabric cotton material and it is metallic gold in colour. It looks really fancy and expensive and i love the serum. The serum is not too wet it doesn't drip down the neck or all over the place. The mask can be used for longer than normal masks. It moisturizes the skin really well and skin becomes soft and plump.
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  • LANEIGE Perfect Renew Regenerating Mask (5EA)
    by vicki11 2017-02-11 * Age group : 20s | Nationality : Canada good This face mask is super moisturizing. The serum is watery and absorbs very fast. The mask is very soft and thin fabric that feels very comfortable to wear on the skin. This is a great product to use in the evening and in the morning you wake up with beautiful soft skin that is moisturized and radiant. recommend.
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