Corporate Social Responsibility

The company of Korea depart continues to reinvent itself,
We continue to move forward in response to the needs of the changing world, Because your happiness is what we care about.

As winter descends in the South, as footprints trail along the path covered snow, Korea Depart becomes the first company to achieve, develop and share the value of tolerance with employees, clients and stakeholders alike. At Korea Depart, we continuously reinvent ourselves. From the establishment of the company, until the present we fervently promote the beauty and richness of Korea to the world not only through mediums like the Media, Television and Music but also through Cosmetics, Fashion and Food, all of which are tailored according to the needs of our clients. This way we are able to provide goods and services of excellent quality and in an efficient manner to our clientele. Our company has grown and developed because of the loyalty and support of our valuable clients. As a token of our gratitude for your patronage, we give back to the society By partnering with charitable institutions, actively participating in cultural arts and social activities and ultimately giving back to the world by:

  • Enviroment

    At this very moment, nature needs the help of mankind to advocate the co-existence of both entities.Humans cannot live without nature. Korea depart believes in a world where humans and nature can exist harmoniously.

  • Dreams

    We work hard to give clients the best service, to ensure customer satisfaction and to make our clients’ wishes come true.To provide excellent service that will benefit the public.

  • Culture

    Korean Depart understands the value of culture and appreciates and recognizes the suggestions of visiting Korean depart clients.In creating, gathering, compiling and showcasing the many facets of Korea, we are intent in establishing more new cultures.