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A Korean online cosmetics shopping mall, Koreadepart, is an Online shop that sells not only Korean cosmetics of such brands as Etude House, Hanskin, The Face Shop, but also Korean wave products, Korean foods, Korean fashion, Women and Men apparels, Shoes and Bags, all of which are trusted brands popular and you can find them in Korean shopping malls.

  • Biggest Online Department Store

    Department store that offers the largest selection of Korean products - We have it all
  • Get Points!

    We give you points whenever you purchase our products (for members only)
  • 1:1 Friendly customer service

    You can contact us through e-mail, comment board, and phone calls. You don’t have to worry.
  • Offer Various Events

    With the numerous and diverse events we hold, we make it a point to satisfy our clientele

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Guide Book

add products to cart ▼
Chose the product you want to purchase, select the item then ‘click Cart button’.
step 01 ▼
When you order, please check the list and press ‘order button’.
step 02 ▼
Select the designaited country you wish to receive the chosen item, and check the shipping method(EMS or K-Packet), and then, click 'next'.
step 03 ▼
Fill in the shipping method you want, namely: address, contact number, country, zipcode and then click ‘Next button’.
step 04 ▼
Please check the order slip, shipping address and total amount, and click ‘payment button’.
- For PayPal or card payment, please read thoroughly the proper instructions first before using the mentioned modes of payment.
step 05
The payment has been confirmed. Please double-check the order information.