Payment method

We use a PayPal integrated system for payments. PayPal offerings worldwide: VISA / MASTER / American Express / Union / Discover / Switch / Solo Giropay / Electronic cash / PayPal PayPal online payment system has advanced security to prevent e-commerce frauds, therefore PayPal system is secure and successful online transfer system.

PayPal Transfer
Direct Credit Card
For those who do NOT HAVE a PAYPAL ACCOUNT

Click [ Payment ] button when you choose a payment method, and then, you will be automatically redirected to PayPal official website to proceed the payment. Choose [Have a Paypal account?], and log in to your account to pay.

! Caution
If the [User] and the payer are different when you pay through PayPal service, the payment cannot be confirmed.

Direct Credit Card
Paypal Offerings Worldwide
  • JCB
  • AMEX
  • SOLO
  • VISA
  • SELECT [Don’t have a PayPal account?] option when you get redirected to PayPal site.
  • Credit Card payment can be taking times (maximum 10 minutes) due to the status of internet connection.
  • In case of failed Credit Card payment a customer needs to open his/her order sheet and click [Payment] button in the bottom of the page. The button will redirect you to the PayPal system, so you could provide Credit Card payment once again.

Please provide all the PayPal transfer payments through your order sheet on our web side as wel as Direct credit card payments.

NOTE : If you "send payment" directly from PayPal site, the auto refund system will not work properly.

Card payment failure

In case of failed Credit Card payment a customer needs to open his/her order sheet and click [Configure] button. The button will allow you to rearrange your order. After that procedure you can provide Credit Card payment once again.

Possible issues causing Credit card payment failure:

  1. Wrong Credit card number was entered
  2. Credit card does not support overseas payment transactions
  3. Your bank has extra security measures for online credit card usage.
  4. No sufficient amount on your balance or over your monthly limit.
  5. If browser widow was closed before result page opened.

In general cases a credit card is invalid due to expired date or wrong credit card number, so please double check that information.

Payment confirmation

After payment, the confirmation alert will be sent to your e-mail address for both cases of PayPal and credit card.

  • Member

    After login, move to “My account” and click “Track your order” button, and then you can see the order confirmation page.

  • Nonmember

    Click [Track your order] button on the top of the site, and enter the order number (or e-mail address), password that you entered when you placed the order. Then, you can see the order confirmation page.

For cancellation charge information ( Only for the orders already paid )

Purchased more than USD 100.00 Or, purchased one product more than 10pcs.
  • When you cancel your order after the payment is completed, we charge a cancellation charge. (10% of cancellation fee from the total shopping cost.)
  • After depositing, request for cancellation of order within 1 hour is acceptable with no charges.
  • When you request for the cancellation over 3times for the order you made and the payment is completed, you will be charged 10% of cancellation fee from the total shopping cost.

No cancellations allowed for purchases more than USD 1000.(Request for cancellation within 1 hour after depositing is acceptable with no charges.)