Paypal Guide

To use KOREADEPART safely and quickly, you should have a Paypal account. If you don’t have, please visit Paypal site( ), and create an account. All issues regarding refund are being processed with Paypal account.

  • How to send money with Paypal guide
    • Log in with email and password
    • Click “Pay Now”.
  • How to set up a Paypal account guide
    • Click “A”. And create your PayPal account
    • Enter an email address, password, and a few more details.
    • Click “Agree and Create Account”.
    • The email address you use to log in is your Paypal account.
    • You'll receive an email from PayPal asking you to activate your account. Then you're ready to shop, send money, and accept payments using PayPal.
  • How to link your bank account

    To use PayPal, you need to add a payment method to cover your transactions.This can be your bank account, debit or credit card, or a new payment method like MoneyPak™. Simply link your preferred payment method and you're ready to make purchases or send money.

    • After log in, click “Get verified”
    • Select “Bank account”
    • Click “Link My Bank Account”
    • Click “Add bank account” and enter bank account number and a few more details.
    • Paypal sends 2 small deposits to your bank account in 2 ~ 7 days.
    • Click “Confirm bank account”
    • Enter the 2 deposits you identified from your bank account.
    • Click “Confirm”