1. What are the POINTS?

A Member-customer can pay an order cost by the Points, which he/she accumulated during shopping history. Every KOREADEPART member awarded by a certain amount of points after the actions listed below:
  • 1 Point = 1 dollar.
  • Login point : 0.06
  • Review point : 0.12
  • For every purchase by a member-customer: a certain amount of points is given for each product bought from us.
  • For each review a customer leaves at our website regarding our products gets 0.12 point.
  • A customer gets 0.06 points every time when he/she log in our web site
  • For registration at our website a member gets points

Please check your points at [ My account ] page.

Features of Points

A Member-customer can use Points to provide ONLY full payment for an order cost. NO partial payments made by points are allowed.
※ Only if accumulated amount of points is higher than an order cost amount it would be possible to provide the payment with points. In only at this condition a fill-in-box will appear to proceed with [by points] payment (amount of Points > Oder cost).
※ Shipping cost cannot be paid by point.
※ Shipping cost should be paid by cash even when order cost is paid by points.

  • Points valid for period of one year since the last order date. (It is impossible to convert points into monetary equivalent or cash)
  • Non-members cannot buy nor receive points. (So if you want to get points, please join our membership).

2. Where can I check my points?


▲ Please log in first, and click “My Account”.


▲ You can check all your points at My Account.

3. How to use “points”

guide When a customer places a new order, a fill-in-box for payment with points will appear at the STEP
※ Only if all your points are higher than the order amount, a fill-in-box will appear. ( Points > Oder cost )
  • Below the field where a customer chooses a payment method, there is field to apply points to the payment.
  • Please enter points you want to use, and click “Payment” button.


Coupon events are arranged by the Brand companies themselves. During the events a certain range of products of certain brand can be discounted for limited period of time.

1. Get coupons!

guide guide
  • The green-colored “C” button means “coupon-available product”.
  • Click the product, and then, you can see “Issue coupon” as below.
  • Click “Issue coupon”. Now, you get a discount coupon for this item!

2. Use coupon!

  • To apply a discount to the event product, a customer should to issue the coupon for that certain product. If a product is in coupon event list, there is [Issue a coupon] sign below product image or in its description below the quantity field [Add cart] button.
  • It is enough to issue a coupon of certain brand only once because all of the coupon event products are uniformly assigned to one coupon.
  • Add the chosen product to the cart and proceed order placing.
  • At the stage of payment, check the field [Using coupon] and if there will be available coupons, similar to [Available coupons: ** EA]. Click [Coupon Lookup] button; and check on the right coupon.
  • Click “Payment”.

3. Special Notice

  • Coupons are disposable and cannot be applied again. (In this case please reissue a coupon)
  • If you already use a coupon when you order, it cannot be restored although you cancel the order. Please note.
  • Coupon discounts applied only on products assigned to it.
  • Expired coupons are invalid.