Tariff shipping zone

Tariff Shipping cost is paid along with order cost in a single payment.

▼ Select a shipping method and a country for shipping.
(EMS and K-Packet have quite different countries from each other.)

Steps of Processing a Standard Order

Standard/Normal Order: If GROSS weight of all ordered items is set, Shipping and Order costs are paid together at once.

If all the ordered products have their GROSS weight, the Actual shipping cost is calculated automatically. Shipping cost and Order cost should be paid together at once. NO extra payments will be required later.

  • STEP 1 : Payment pending

    The order has been placed, however the payment has not yet been received.

  • STEP 2 : Payment confirmed

    We confirm the order payment (shipping cost adds to the order cost).

  • STEP 3 : Ship estimated

    We prepare to ship out the order (parcel), but it has not been shipped yet.

  • STEP 4 : Shipped

    The order (parcel) has been shipped out. There can be NO any changes in the order at this point if there are - a return request must be submitted.

Order Gross Weight : ITEM NET WEIGHT + PACKAGING (200g)

PACKAGING 200g : The system adds extra 200g as for package and wrapping weight.