Types of membership


All members who joined our website.

V. I. P.

Those who buy our goods more than USD 350 a month
VIP upgrading date→ 1st day of every month


Those who buy our goods more than USD 1000 a month


Order from ₩4,000,000 KRW per each brand
Minimum order amount: ₩10,000,000 KRW

General membership

Benefits of having KOREADEPART Membership:

  • Convenient and Easy Access:
    One of the best privileges of Membership it is very easy to place orders every time. Members can easily access they orders, purchasing history, etc. It is much more convenient for a member to track his/her order statuses, make changes, and make personal requests on an order.
  • Points and perks:
    With each purchase a member gets certain amount of points, which a member can use for future purchases as money. In additions events and discount coupons available only for registered customers.
  • Q&A service page:
    In case if you need a proper and quick help, assistance, or you have any requests, questions, and complains or suggestions, you as a member can contact directly to Customer Service via Q&A page on our website.
  • Only members can use Wish List service:
    If you add some products to Wish List, they will not be disappeared when you log out our web site or even turn off the computer. But what you add to Shopping Cart will be disappeared once you log out the site.
  • Request for stock:
    If you need some products to be restocked, add them to Wish List. We will let you know about the product as soon as possible.
  • Get some points by writing a review
    Members can write reviews on products they purchased. Appeal to everyone for how much you like the products, and then you can get a point.

VIP member

  • General member
  • Purchase more than USD 350 a month.
  • Upgraded to VIP
  • Buy with VIP prices.
  • The qualification will be kept during a month.

VIP members are KOREADEPART members who make purchases of our products for more than $350 USD per one calendar month. Once you become a VIP member, you can buy products at our web site with VIP prices (Special discount applied), and a VIP status will be kept during a month. We usually upgrade our members to VIPs during the period from 1st to 3rd of every following month. But, if a VIP member does not maintain purchasing for over USD 350 per one calendar month, the VIP status will be changed to a general member again

Qualification for maintaining VIP membership Purchase for more than $350 USD every month
Update day 1st day of every following month

! Caution

The VIP discounted prices are applied after login, so please log in before you add the products to the cart.

* To obtain or maintain the VIP status monthly, purchases’ amount should be more than $350 USD, shipping cost and payments made by points are not accounted in this amount.

Wholesale member

Once you join our wholesale membership, you will be offered wholesale prices for orders over $200.

* Minimum purchase amount per one order for a Wholesaler: $200 USD
  • How to apply : Two options

    ▶ 1st Option : Pay the Wholesale membership fee.

    • Create a new user ID.
    • Pay $200 USD (A Wholesale membership fee) via PayPal.
      • Please send the fee to our Paypal account.
      • Once your payment is confirmed, your ID is revised to be a Wholesale member.
      • No refund for wholesale membership fee, so please choose carefully in advance.

    ▶ 2nd Option : Automatically upgraded you exceed $1000 USD order volume:

    • Create a new user ID.
    • If you make purchases for more than $1000 USD per month with your general ID, your ID will be automatically upgraded to a wholesale member in 30 days after you register.
  • Maintaining your membership: the amount of your last month’s order should be over $1000.
    • If you don’t meet this requirement, your ID will be automatically changed to a general member.
    • In case that you already paid the wholesale membership fee and then losing your qualification, you should pay $200 again to rejoin the wholesale membership.

! Caution

  • Wholesale members are unable to get purchasing points.
  • Wholesale members are unable to buy products by points that you earned from your general ID.
  • Wholesale members are excluded from all events, such as coupon and time discount events.
  • There is NO free shipping for Wholesalers : shipping cost calculated after order is paid and packed.
  • * To obtain or maintain the Wholesaler status, monthly purchases’ amount should be more than $1000 USD, shipping cost is not accounted in this amount.

  • NO FREE SHIPPING for any wholesaler
    If you become a wholesaler, shipping cost will be charged to all countries after calculating the weight of order.
  • We cannot tell you the discounted prices before you become a VIP or Wholesale member since they are all different according to each brand. Once you become, you can see all discounted prices after logging in.
    Non-registered customers could use general services of our web site, but these users will have limitations in order volume. The maximum order volume for a NON-member is $50 USD


  • Terms of membership
    • Order from ₩4,000,000 KRW (KRW = Korean Won) per each brand,
    • Minimum order amount: ₩10,000,000 KRW
    • Minimum order quantity per an item: 1 box
  • How to order

      Sends an order sheet (excel file) * email [reseller.kd@gmail.com]

      Sends "Quotation" to the customer

      Sends payment (WON, Korean currency) by "BANK TRANSFER" (T/T)

      Sends the shipping cost bill after payment is confirmed

      Pays the shipping cost by "BANK TRANSFER" (T/T)

      Receives the shipping cost and ships out the order
  • Currency
    • WON [Korean currency]: Payment via T/T bank transfer
    • USD [US Dollar]: Payment via PayPal or Alipay system (in this case +3.3% value will be added)

! Caution

  • During packaging, if there would be stock-out products, their cost will be deducted from the shipping fee.
  • No cancellations allowed for Reseller order.
  • Bank (T/T) commission should be paid by customer.
  • Reseller members are unable to get purchasing points.