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Chungju Apple SuYeon Noodles 1.35kg(450g×3)

Chungju Apple SuYeon Noodles 1.35kg(450g×3)
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Chungju Apple SuYeon Noodles 1.35kg(450g×3)

  Manufacturer: Pureundeul Food
Country of origin: Republic of Korea 
Production year: Marked in inner package additionally.   
Expiration date: Within 2 years after production date.    
Net weight /Composition1.35kg(450gx3)
Ingredients and content:Wheat flour (flour) 96%, apple enriched extract 1.99%(From Korea), starch 1%, refined salt 1%, cotton seed oil 0.01%
How to store
: Avoid direct sunlight and keep in a cool and dry place.  
 Product Description
: Put apple in Chungju, original hometown of apple, for clean taste.  
Ripens dough mixed with clean water and Chungju apple for hours.
: Stretches dough with hands to have thin, soft and chewy noodle.
: Easy to take, as it does not stretch well after boiling.  
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