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THE FACE SHOP Real Nature Mask Sheet [2017 Upgrade]

THE FACE SHOP Real Nature Mask Sheet [2017 Upgrade]
All skin Dull skin Skin with pores Red skin Troubled skin Moisturizing Sebum Calm Elasticity Dark Circles Wrinkles All ages Four seasons
Keyword2017UPGRADE, 5FREE, Moisture, Soothing, Charging, Brightening, Glossy, Pores, Elasticity, Neat, Sunny, Vivid
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THE FACE SHOP Real Nature Mask Sheet [2017 Upgrade]

▶ Manufacturer : The Face Shop

▶ Country of origin : Republic of Korea

▶ Volume : 20g

▶ Product description 
Real Nature 2017 UPGRADE, mask sheet is made of a high-adhesion moist and soft sheet.
: 5FREE (parabens, triethanolamine, propylene glycol, tar color, mineral oil)
: Filled with the essence made of organic ingredients of natural grinding extraction method, providing skin care full of nature.
: It is a high adhesion vegetable sheet that provides curved close contact surface cover of skin.

▶ How to use

: After cleansing, adjust skin texture with a toner and apply the mask onto face properly.
: Leave for 15~20 minutes, remove the mask sheet and tap the remaining essence with your hands.

▶ Type

[01 Aloe] #Moisture #Soothing

: A rich moisturizing essence containing aloe extract helps to soothe skin sensitive

[02 Cucumber] #Moisture #Charging

: The essence contains cucumber extract which is filled with cool moisture to relieve skin thirst

[03 Lemon] #Brightening

: Essence with Lemon Extract creates Clean & Transparent skin tone

[04 Rice] #Brightening

: Essence contains rice extract which softens and brightens  dull and rough skin texture

[05 Honey] #Shiny #Moisturizing

: Essence contains honey extract and gives moisturizing and shine to dry and frizzy skin

[06 Mung Bean] #Pores #Elasticity

: Essence contains mung bean extract which helps to shrink pores and make skin smooth

[07 Kelp] #Clean #skin

: Essence contains kelp extract to restore tired skin due to external environment

[08 Blueberry] #Baby skin

: Essence contains blueberry extract that keeps skin vigorous by forming strong protective film

[09 Olive] #Concentrated #Moisturizing

: Essence with olive extract gives dry, rough skin a soft moisturizing care

[10 Lotus] #Moisture #Clean

: Essence contains lotus extract that gives a rich feeling of moisture and care for clean skin

[11 Avocado] #Moisturizing #Nutrition

: Essence contains avocado extract which provides rich nutrition to your skin

[12 Tea Tree] #Neat #Relax

: Essence contains Tea Tree extract to provide excess sebum care

[13 Shea Butter] #Nutrition #Elasticity

: Essence contains shea butter which is filled with nutritious skin to provide skin firming care

[14 Calendula] #Soothing #Moisturizing

: Essence contains calendula extract which relaxes skin that is stimulated and sensitized comfortably

[15 Green Tea] #Moisture #Fine

: Essence contains green tea extract to fill your skin with moisture to make it clean

[16 Lingzhi] #Glitter #Elasticity

: Essence contains Ganoderma lucidum mushroom extract to nourish and moisturize skin and give a firm feeling

[17 Red Ginseng] #Energy #Lively

: Essence contains red ginseng extract that restores skin elasticity by supplying deep nutrition

[18 Bamboo] #Vigor #Moisture

: Essence contains bamboo extract that provides lukewarm care by supplying pure water to skin

[19 Potato] #Moisture #Calm

: Essence contains potato extract that calms tired skin under sun with cooling feeling

[20 Pomegranate] #Elasticity #Animation

: Essence contains pomegranate extract gives you a feeling of resilience and freshness


Product detail information
Skin Type
All skin 
Skin Troubles
Dull skin, Skin with pores, Red skin, Troubled skin, Moisturizing, Sebum, Calm, Elasticity, Dark Circles, Wrinkles 
All ages 
Four seasons 
Effect • Efficacy
How to use
Please refer to the production description.
Instructions for use
  1. If you have any symptoms described below when using this product, stop using the product.

    If you keep using it, symptoms may get worse; therefore, consult with dermatologist.

    1) If red blotch, skin irritation, and stimulation occur.

    2) If applied spots have any symptoms mentioned above and are exposed to direct sunlight.

  2. Do not use on spots with injury, eczema, or dermatitis.
  3. Instructions for storage and handling

    1) Close the cap after use.

    2) Keep out of reach of infants and children.

    3) Do not store in a place with high and low temperature and direct sunlight.

    4) Do not use the product in a shaky place.

    5) If it contacts with eyes, rinse with running water immediately.

In functional cosmetics, screening by Korea Food & Drug Administration.
Not applicable
Manufacturer / Distributor
The Face Shop
Country of Origin
Republic of Korea
Standard of quality assurance
If any defects of product found, we may compensate based on「Standard of consumer dispute resolution」notified by Fair Trade Commission.
Consumer consulting center
Email : email/ Call : +82-70-8885-1490
Types of shipping method
Return & exchange
For cancellation fee
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    Please click [ Recommend ] button of the review you choose.
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